Far too often we will be so busy desiring more for ourselves and our lives that we forget to appreciate right now. We need to be grateful for what is right now. Wherever you are on your journey and whatever is going on in this moment – be grateful for it all. Eventually it will be no longer and as you step into new parts of your journey, full of new lessons, you will look back and wonder why you rushed that time away wanting so badly to be past it all.

Why do we always think the future holds something greater and more exciting than what we’re experiencing right now? How about it’s ALL exciting? How about it’s all equally abundant and enjoyable and it’s ALL teaching you important things about yourselves, others and life in general. Learn to feel good right now. Learn to find the gratitude in whatever is taking place in your life this very moment. Even if it’s not exactly where you desire to be – you have to be here right now for a specific reason. You are learning something. You are healing something. You may not even be aware of it. You may not realize what it is. You need what is happening right now to prepare you for what’s coming. To prepare you for those things you do desire for your future.

There was a time you were desiring what you have in this very moment. Isn’t it funny how when we get it, we just as quickly start wishing for something else? Why not take it all in and enjoy every single bit of it – whether it’s what you want or don’t – as if it’s all something you really really love? Why not find enjoyment in it all? If you could freely and easily just welcome ALL of it in – even that unexpected sh*t that caught you off guard and laugh about it, do you know what would happen? That stuff you’re really desiring just shows up. It shows up when you least expect it. It shows up when you feel good about right now. Because when you feel good about right now, you show the Universe that you are grateful for what is. That you trust it because you know it’s only sending you what you need to grow, heal and expand your love even more out into the world. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am at peace in the present moment.