Appreciate what flows your way. Take it all in because it has arrived for a reason. Enjoy it, embrace it and be grateful for it all. Gratitude amplifies your desires. Gratitude is a powerful way of shifting your life completely. When you start paying attention to what the Universe has provided to you right now in this moment and stop lusting after what you don’t have yet but want – you speed up the process of getting those things you really want.

Our ego has us worrying about our future while comparing right now to our past. It seems awfully counterproductive in my opinion to be using what was as a comparison for what is and what’s to come. What was is no longer. It doesn’t even exist anymore. It has NO power over you or your life right now. The only power it does have is the power you give it by using it as a point of reference or a comparison for what is happening right now or what could happen down the road. Do you want to know how beneficial that is for you? It’s like driving a car in a circle because the wheel is stuck to the right. You’ll go round and round and round some more, worrying and dwelling and panicking and pissing yourself off over past hurts, regrets and made up illusions about your future.

Fix the freaking wheel and exit off that circle. Stop looking in the rearview mirror and start looking through the windshield and paying attention to what’s in front of you. What’s in front of you right now is helping to determine what’s to come. Your actions with what’s in front of you and your feelings about what’s in front of you will either give the Universe a big thumbs up or down to deliver those desires you want. Keep in mind you do not know how those desires will show up. You only set the intentions for the abundance or the dream home or that vacation you’re dying to have. Maybe it was a new career or a loving relationship. The Universe will ALWAYS deliver them – but you won’t be able to recognize when they show up OR appreciate them if you’re still focused on the past or how you planned out your future to be. You can plan all you want – but the details on how it ends up looking or arriving into your life are out of your hands and completely up to the Universe. Stay open, stay present and always always always be grateful for what arrives in your life. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am always receiving what I ask for.