There is always something much larger at hand working on our behalf. I have said this a million times (or more!) and I will continue saying it because it just is so true. Not only is it true….you get proof it’s true every single day. We aren’t here for this mindless stuff we worry so much about. We are here for something greater. We are alive for each other. What that means is…we are here to help each other, deliver divine wisdom into each other’s hearts and guide each other back to that place of peace.

But far too many of us are dwelling on the uncertainty of life. We’re fearing the unknown. We’re questioning these mindless day-to-day activities but when we can put it all in perspective, we can clearly see that it’s already all figured out for us. God’s got it all planned for you. There’s a reason for everything. You don’t need to know all the reasons – that’s just your humanly NEED to want to control. But guess what…that sh*t only gets you in trouble. STOP trying to control and just let it all unfold the way it wants. Let it all play out however God wants it to.

That’s the most beautiful way ever! Sit back, relax and take in everything flowing your way. A few days ago I referenced being on a waterslide and that is how you need to envision your life. Stop trying to climb out of your tube on the way down….just FLOW with it..would ya! It is so much more fun and easy and exciting when you stop getting in your own way. Trust this process. Trust that much more powerful force above, all around and IN you! It’s power will never fail you and it’s taking you down the most thrilling slide perfectly suited for YOU and only you! Enjoy dolls! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Everything is always working out for me in the most beautiful way.