You are never going to get it “perfect” dolls. Something that took me years to learn. I had this idea that once I got everything figured out, fixed, healed and just so, that everything else I was desiring would fall into place. This just might be the biggest lie out there.

We never figure it out. Life is a constant ebb and flow. We are always going to be learning, growing and healing. We are never going to perfect it and we aren’t meant to. Your life and it’s journey, in it’s entirety is meant to be enjoyed. It’s meant to be lived. It is not meant to be perfect. Perfect is boring. You are imperfectly perfect. Embrace that! Live for your quirks. Love your struggle. Be grateful for your lessons. Laugh at your mistakes. Have compassion for yourself and know that your strength lies in your vulnerability. Your beauty lies in your silliness, your mistakes, your mishaps. Your peace exists in your understanding that ALL of this makes you exactly who you are and no one compares to you and no one can compete with you.

Your path is yours. Your lessons belong to you. None of it is perfect and yet it’s so flawlessly imperfect for you. Stop making yourself small and powerless, believing you have to get it all right. That you have to pound these lessons into your soul until you never f&ck up again. No dolls…you spread your wings and soar when you remove that weight off your shoulders and remember that the Universe has a limitless safety net under you at all times for when you tense up and forget how to fly. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am loving the journey. My path is flawlessly imperfect and made for me.