Celebrate your successes! Small wins, big wins, medium wins – it doesn’t matter the size because you’re still winning. Celebrate them all because essentially you’re celebrating yourself. You’re celebrating your growth and evolution. It doesn’t matter if you have a crowd cheering you on or not – just let your spirit know that you are proud of you for what you’ve accomplished.

Maybe you were able to shift your mindset around something that has been weighing you down. Maybe you suddenly moved from anger or confusion to a feeling of compassion. Maybe you recognized you CAN have it all, so you stopped settling for a piece when you can get the whole. Maybe you simply realized just how amazing you really are after years of believing you weren’t.

Be proud of yourself for every shift you’ve created in your life! I often have clients look at me in shock when I scream how proud of them I am. I usually then ask, “Aren’t you so proud of yourself?” They follow with, “Well yeah I kind of was but now I really am because you explained how huge that was!” It’s ALL huge dolls and that’s because these miraculous shifts, whether small or large are shifts in the right direction. They’re all happening at the perfect time and they’re ALL miracles. A miracle is just a change in your perception. The moment you can shift your mind and see something from a different angle and understand it on a different level…BOOM, miracle! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I celebrate myself. I trust that every shift moves me one step closer to what I desire.