No matter how evolved you become dolls your ego is always going to exist. It will always have an opinion, worry, doubt or fear. The more peaceful you become the less power it has and so that’s usually when you can count on it popping up. But I don’t tell you these things for you to fear it…I tell you this so you can accept it and shift it that much quicker.

All you need is the awareness and the right tools. That awareness comes with being mindful of why you have the actual fear, doubt, limiting belief, worry or feeling of anxiety. The question, “Why am I panicking/doubting/worrying/etc.” will usually provide you with some information as to where that fear stems from. Then it’s time to shift and the shift comes with applying the right tools. Those tools can be anything from pausing to breathe, tuning in to your Higher Self, meditation or even journaling and asking yourself what you’re actually afraid of and why, to gather more wisdom around the emotion that got stirred up.

You can have a lot of different tools in your toolbelt but there’s always one thing all these spiritual practices have in common…they all have you tapping into that much larger force in the Universe. When you meditate you are listening for God to provide you guidance and wisdom. When you journal you are allowing your Higher Self, that intuition you can’t seem to fully trust at times work through your pen onto the paper. When you pause and breathe you give spirit a chance to slow everything happening in your body down…including those brain waves which once again happens to help us tap into that Higher Power. God, Universe, Higher Power, Source, that Dude in the sky, or whatever other name resonates the most with you – it’s in you and around you. It works through you and helps you see, understand and respond to the bigger picture. Not a piece of the picture your ego is limited to seeing; God sees it all. The Dude’s got an aerial view – so no matter what your ego is making you panic about…tap back into the ultimate force of power that is going to give you the best set of directions possible to navigate that situation at hand. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I pause, breathe and tune in, I gain infinite wisdom into my next steps.