Ever feel like you’ve done everything, said everything, worked on all that you can, meditated your a$$ off and still aren’t getting anywhere? Simply put…you feel stuck. You feel like there’s nothing more left for you to do and even if you thought of one more thing, you’re not even sure where it’d take you. You can relate, I’m sure and the good news is I’m going to tell you what that means right now.

It means you are where you are for a reason. It means what you want is coming. It means it’s not time yet. It means be patient. It means stop only doing sh*t just to get the thing you want and start doing sh*t because it makes you feel good. It means quit worrying about it. It means let it go…as much as you are able to. It means focus on something else in the meantime – even if that’s not exactly where you want to put your attention. It means you’re in a spiritual holding pattern and you may be up next but if you keep getting restless you may have to wait longer. It means LEAVE IT ALONE.

My clients LOVE when I say that to them. They know exactly what I mean and even if it’s via text…they know my exact tone of voice. Just let it be…leave it alone. Don’t pump anything more into it. Take your hands off of it completely. Go do something else. It means the waiting period is benefiting you – somehow, someway it is and the more you negate it, doubt it, question it…the longer it’ll feel. It means the table is set, the dishes are out and the napkins are folded but the timer hasn’t gone off yet. Your food is still being cooked. CHILL OUT. It’s not going to NOT ever get cooked…you made sure the oven was on and kicking…but the waiting is what kills you right. It annoys the piss out of you, doesn’t it? Here’s the trick to waiting…tell yourself you’re not waiting. That’s all. Tell yourself it’s ready but you’re not quite hungry enough yet. Blow your own damn mind and convince yourself that the “waiting period” is giving you a little more time to wrap up something else that needs to get done. When you used to go in the kitchen and ask “Is it ready yet?” and your mom said no…you went back to your room and played a game or got distracted with something else. The minute you got really into that other thing…you hear mom, “Dinner’s ready, come and eat!” And all you could think was “DAMNIT MOM…can’t you wait a few more minutes I’M BUSY!” See how that works! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I feel like nothing is happening, it means everything is.