Do you know that love is everywhere? It is LITERALLY everywhere. It’s in the food you eat and the words you speak. It’s in the wind and the trees and the animals and the rain and the ocean and the mountains. Love is infinite. Love is abundant. Love is limitless. It crosses borders and yet creates loving boundaries. It spells its name in the sky and finds you wherever you go.

When you’re open to it – it’s there. When you’re not open to it…it’s STILL there. Love is in everything and everyone we meet or cross paths with. It’s even there when someone is spewing some hate or questioning our character. Are you choosing to see it though? Are you looking for the love? Are you being love? Are you sharing the love? This might sound so farfetched to you but you ARE love. Every cell in your body is made with love. The blood in your veins and the bones in your body are all made with love. We are divine creatures all connected; energetically intertwined to grow, heal and love each other and far too often we forget that very fact.

We forget that we are ONE. We forget that we all exist for the purpose of helping each other at a soul level to add more love where we thought there was fear; to add more love where we thought we were lacking something. Our purpose as humans is to direct each other’s steps and guide each other’s paths right back home to ourselves where we are whole and filled with love. The love never left us and there’s reminders of that in every breath you take but you are refusing to see it. You are choosing to see the bad and not the good. That’s why we struggle so much. We think we’re out here on a quest to find “something” or “someone” when in truth we are merely on a quest to REMEMBER WHO WE ALWAYS WERE. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am what I seek. My love is always reflected back to me.