What you ask for doesn’t always show up in the FORM you expected it in. That probably pisses you off, right? I mean, I can’t blame you – it used to piss me off too. I assumed “ask, believe and receive” meant I would be given what it was I asked for – and here’s the thing, you ARE…but often it’s better!

Let me explain: You always get what you ask for. If you ask for money, you will receive money but it could show up in a lot of different ways. Perhaps you’ll inherit it or just be given it as a gift. Maybe you’ll earn it by working or you’ll sell something and make money on it. We often limit ourselves with how we expect sh*t to just show up. We think, “Well if I want more money then I need to find a way to make more money” and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Stop limiting yourself and open up to the possibilities that the Universe holds. God has infinite ways of doing things. That’s crazy when you think about it. He can see the larger picture and can find loopholes and ways to deliver to you exactly what you asked for OR better…but only if you remove your limitations off your desires.

This goes for anything you could possibly ask for from money to health to your career or relationship. Ask, believe and leave the details out of it. The details are all in God’s hands and I promise you he always delivers in BIG ways if you just let them go from your mind. If you keep saying, “I want it this way, this color, this style and showing up on this day at this time,” well doll…you’re boxing God in. And God is way too big and powerful to be caged in…so let him do what he does in miraculous ways and just sit back and allow it to unfold for you. Just focus on what’s right in front of you while God takes care of everything behind-the-scenes to bring to you exactly what you desire to have in your life in big, spectacular ways. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I open up to the infinite possibilities.