The way your life is unfolding is deliberate. The timing, sequence, people you meet and speak with are ALL deliberate. You’re speaking to the right ones at the right time. You’re doing the right things at the right time. You’re meeting the right ones at the right time. You’re even not speaking to the right ones at the right time. 

Even when it feels like it’s out of your hands…it’s deliberate. It is divinely timed, planned and organized on your behalf. It’s all there to teach you something. Yup…that’s it! It’s simply teaching you something about YOU. Stop making it about them…it’s showing you how you can be more confident, kind, forgiving, understanding, compassion. Perhaps it’s showing you that it’s ok to open up more, free yourself, be authentic, reclaim your limitless power. Maybe it’s showing you that you can relax and trust the flow of everything happening. Your job is merely to recognize the lesson….what is it showing you?

You can’t answer that question if you’re hung up on the details though. The details are insignificant. You know what clings to details? Fear. Fear clings. Fear of failure, rejection, unworthiness. Fear of not being enough, saying enough, having enough. Fear. All fear. Any fear. The truth always sees the larger picture. What is this teaching me? What is this giving me an opportunity to practice? Could it be patience, love, forgiveness, compassion? Could it be to develop boundaries or recognize my worth? Could it be to love myself a whole lot more? The next time you doubt where you are or who you’re with or why it’s all happening…remind yourself you are right where you need to be for a reason. Then look past those details and see what those people or situations are giving you an opportunity to work on and then be grateful…because those opportunities are only making you a better version of yourself so you’re at your best when everything you want arrives! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful for where I am. Where I am is where I need to be to prepare me for where I desire to go!