Nothing truly matters other than the feelings you have for yourself. Really, it’s true. The way you see yourself is how the world will see you because that will be the energy you shoot out. The way you feel about you and believe in you will be reflected back in the world around you as well. If you know that you’re only competition is yourself…then there’s no way you can’t win at this thing called life!

I’ve said it before…you are battling your own mind. You are battling your own limiting beliefs and your own illusions on what you think you are. Often we think we’re powerless. Sometimes we feel worthless and forgettable. There are times you might feel stupid or ugly. You are none of these things. You can’t possibly be any of them – it is literally not possible. The reason you feel it and believe at times that you see/experience it is because you are thinking it. If I’m determined to tell you the grass is yellow because that is what I’m set on seeing – then nothing you say is going to convince me (no matter how rational it is) that the grass isn’t yellow.

It may sound completely irrational and that’s because it is (or is it?). If you are set on seeing something…you will see it. If you’re determined to find everything you dislike about yourself – you will, guaranteed. If you want to find hate in this world I promise that you will find it. If you choose to search for love though…I also promise you’ll find that. If you’re determined to feel gorgeous and intelligent, you will. When you choose to look for the bad, you’ll find it and when you choose to look for the good, you’ll find it. It’s simple – this life really isn’t complicated dolls. What do you want to see? Wait….scratch that…what do you want to FEEL? HOW do you want to feel? That’s the key question. If you want to feel good…ugliness and anger never FEEL good. If you want to feel good then you need to lean into the sh*t that makes you feel good. Don’t let your fears, doubts, worries and insecurities complicate that…the truth is simple and the truth ALWAYS FEELS GOOD! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Whatever I choose to believe I will see.