Words don’t always heal. I know this firsthand. If someone isn’t ready to receive the healing they need then nothing you say will impact them. I encounter this on occasion but it’s my nature, my gift if you will to speak these healing words. Sometimes I can’t help it…God sends them to me and right through me. I’m just the messenger as they say.

But sometimes as strong as the message is, it won’t affect a person. I don’t just know this from what I do…I know this because I used to be one of those people. Speaking from experience…it’s usually action that needs to happen to make words click. What I mean is that sometimes someone has to reach a place of utter annoyance within themselves in order to choose to make a change. Sometimes you have to get knocked around a few times in situations or life in order to say, “Ok ENOUGH! I want more for myself,” or “Why does this keep happening to me.” Because you are choosing it…that’s why. You had the power to create that and as I tell all my clients – if you can create the sh*t you don’t want, you can create the sh*t you DO want.

It’s a choice. You always have a choice. Sometimes we think we don’t. Sometimes we think we have no power to create things we want for ourselves – but you do. You also have a choice in what you believe which is why sometimes healing words don’t matter. It’s also why even when it’s blatantly obvious some individuals simply can’t see it; “it” being the truth. We believe what we choose to believe. When it’s obvious to you and not to them know that they just have their hands over their eyes – like a child watching a scary movie. That’s how they’re navigating life…eyes shut in a panic. It’s sad and doing what I do you FEEL their pain physically. It’s not just a clear vision to me, I can actually feel their fear and pain which makes this God-given gift something to be handled with care. Because when you feel the pain of another in fear, you want to help them…but you must always remember that they get to choose and if they choose to hide their eyes for a little while longer I want you to know it’s ok to let them. Eventually they’ll peek through and realize what looked like a monster was just a shadow and if they turn the lights on the shadows will all disappear. Sending you so much love tonight dolls – namaste. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I choose to see love, be love and feel love in all that I do.