Accept your greatness. Stop undervaluing yourself and stop downplaying your power. Yes…YOU have POWER! No it’s not weird or even mystical for that matter – energy is power. We are made of energy and it also lives in our thoughts, words and actions. Stop overlooking it like it’s nothing. It’s everything. In fact…it’s determining how your day is unfolding RIGHT this second.

That’s right – you have THAT much power. It’s crazy, I know! It’s even crazier that you continue to think your life and what happens during it isn’t up to you. I’m sorry to disappoint – but everything that happens is determined by you. It’s determined by how you feel and what you think. By what you speak and even how you feel about yourself. That’s a huge one right there – because that’s what actually determines what you think, feel and speak. The way you see yourself is basically how your life is gauged. 

Is there something going on right now that you aren’t liking so much? Step aside from THAT situation and look at yourself. How do you feel about yourself in regards to THAT situation? Bitter? Disappointed? Angry? Worthless? Confused? Loving? Proud? Caring? Inspired? Confident? – Should I really continue or do you get the picture? Change HOW you feel about you and everything else changes for you. If you keep feeling good about you as your number one priority (no matter what) then everything else is going to feel good too. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I accept my greatness. I value my power. I see myself from a high point of love.