Stop your worrying…You were made to be the way you are. Perfect in every way. It sounds corny…but it’s true! Make your jokes. Laugh at yourself. Be your fun, dazzling self. When you let yourself be free…life has a way of being super rewarding.

Often we’re downplaying ourselves. Hiding our true selves. Suppressing our personalities to try to please, perfect or be accepted by others. Some of you don’t even realize you are doing it. Most of you think you’re really confident…But you can always see the difference. You can FEEL the difference even more. Someone who’s really being their authentic self doesn’t attack or criticize anyone. They don’t have a reason to. They accept everything and everyone just the way they are. They don’t worry what your response will be when they say or do something. They don’t ponder what actions to take when around you or when you’re at a distance. They are just being them…all the freaking time!

Being yourself means that you let everything flow, naturally. No anger, no anxiety, no worry, no doubts, no fears…just you. YOU..all YOU…all the time! It’s time to show the world your true self. It’s time to let yourself be FREE! Join me…I made myself a promise today that I will be more ME than I’ve ever been. I even warned a few clients during sessions upon making Ace Ventura references in the midst of my guidance…that sh*t might get a little silly, might get a little weird….but that’s just because I am being ME! Their response…”Love when you’re silly and weird…Please don’t ever change!” So dolls….keep being YOU and please don’t ever change. Fill in the blank: I am the most ME when ________________! Think about it….then do more of it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am set free when I am just being me!