Stop trying to figure it out. Stop trying to fix it. Stop trying to change it. Just let it be. I have learned when it seems like nothing is working in your favor…that’s when everything is. It is only your resistance to change and being out of control that makes it ALL seem hard, sad, heavy and overwhelming. Trust me when I say that even though you feel that, it’s still all working out for you!

You will reach a place where you get so frustrated with your frustration, that you don’t want to care or think much about it anymore. That dolls is the vibration of surrenderBefore you know it you’re tired of investing your energy into trying to change it, fix it or figure it out…so you just let it be and let it go. Without force. Without question. Without doubt. Without hesitation.

You release it because it just straight up exhausted you. Sometimes that’s what it takes. Often we fear getting there. We try hard to avoid it. But that need to control never gets you too far. It usually takes you in the opposite direction. But the moment you give it up. The moment you surrenderThat’s the moment the entire thing changes form, doesn’t appear hard or bad anymore and becomes even more amazing than what you could have asked for. That’s the SHIFT. That’s the MIRACLE! And miracles happen every second! Are you ready for yours? Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am surrendering what I cannot control.