Find that quiet place to sit with yourself and just be. That place where you can close your eyes, breathe and just listen to your inner truth. That place is powerful dolls. That place is the main telephone line to the Universe. That’s your source of power. That’s your source of truth. That’s your source of wisdom. That’s your source of peace. That’s your source of strength.

Far too many of us get caught up with life that we forget about that connection. We get bogged down by the sh*t we see and experience in this “real world” but if you can tune into that inner truth you’ll see there’s never a reason to worry. I have so many clients right now experiencing drastic CHANGE in their lives. For a long time I feared change. I associated the word with fear. I liked routine. I liked knowing what was coming next. I hated the unknown. It took a long time to bust out of that cycle and believe that change wasn’t something scary but when I finally did I opened up to an entirely new reality.

This reality is full of possibility. It’s full of inspiration and blessings. It’s full of magic and light and for some reason we’re scared to walk through the doorway. We stand there with the door cracked looking behind us, wondering if what’s on the other side is ACTUALLY better than what we just came from. Guess what dolls? It is! That’s guaranteed. That’s promised. It’s what you’ve been asking for. It’s literally waiting for you but you have to walk fully through the doorway and shut the door behind you. That means stop turning around and keep your eyes ahead – life is beautiful on the other side. Your desires are sitting there in pure light just waiting for you to go claim them. It doesn’t matter that the door is old and rotten. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It doesn’t matter if the stuff behind you wasn’t so bad. The stuff in front of you is ten times better! Why not go look for yourself? Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am limitless when I stop resisting.