When you think of life in terms of energy then you need to understand that the least amount of “effort” is necessary to accomplish what you desire. When you force, energy cannot flow. When you relax, energy can move freely and easily.

Everything is energy. My clients constantly listen to me say that but it’s true. Your thoughts, words, belongings, actions all carry power. The trick to mastering energy isn’t understanding that it exists everywhere – that’s the easy part. The trick is knowing when to give and when to pull back. Like learning how to drive a car, we are taught when to push the gas and when to press the brake. But the difference is we have external indicators to help us with driving; like stop signs, traffic lights, other cars, yield signs, speed limits, cops, etc. When you’re working with the energy of your words and thoughts, your external indicators are your manifestations (creations) and those show up after you’ve already created some sh*t.

That’s a problem you see, especially if you are worrying about things you don’t want then BOOM they just unfold before your eyes. So let’s keep it simple shall we….think about what you want, all the time. When you start to doubt (because you will), think about who you are – you are worthy and able and abundant. You are enough and you need not do more or have more or be more to obtain what you desire you just have to wrap YOUR mind around believing you can have it. That’s it. So when you start to question or worry just tell yourself…why NOT me? That sends that negative energy in the opposite direction and pivots you right back around in the direction you want to go. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am worthy of everything I desire. (1)