Stop waiting for the bad in the good. Don’t you know it’s ALL good? It really is ALL good! I know sometimes it doesn’t look that way. I know sometimes it looks terrifying and painful, but you can choose to see it differently. I know that it can even feel sh*tty, but that hurt that you are feeling is only you resisting. It wouldn’t feel bad at all if you just allowed it all to happen the way it wants to.

Seriously the only pain you are feeling is the resistance to what IS unfolding in your life. The only hurt that is caused is the hurt of not accepting what is trying to work it’s way into your existence. What would happen if you just stepped back and said, “Ok…fine, show me what you got.” What would happen if you just said, “I trust you.” None of this sh*t is there to harm you dolls…it’s ALL helping you. It’s all part of the bigger picture. A Course in Miracles explains it this way (and I’m paraphrasing here): Don’t get caught up looking at the frame when the masterpiece is in the picture. The frame is this surface crap we get stuck on. The words and the actions of others. The picture is the underlying truth of what’s happening if we could look past the frame for a second, we could actually enjoy the picture.

The “frame,” if you will, is just the context for helping us reach the “picture”. It’s the means for teaching us the lessons – for getting us to the healings and the growth. It’s HELPING us become who we really are! It’s God’s way of helping us look past this surface sh*t and see the truth in ALL – that truth being that we are all connected, all love, peace and light. We are all one and so when it looks like it could be anything else but that…know that you’re just getting hung up on that frame and really you need to look past it because that masterpiece is waiting to be admired. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I focus on the bigger picture all the details fade away.