What if you decided to let everything be exactly as it is? What if you let go of your expectations and the outcome? What if you released all worry, doubt and fear and fully trusted that it’s going to unfold perfectly for you? What do you think would happen? Doom and gloom? Of course not – miracles!

Our fears and worries block us from being able to see things differently. They stir up old sh*t that we’ve seen, heard or even experienced and assign those feelings to new sh*t unfolding before our eyes. Let ALL the sh*t go! All of it! Do you really think that this magnificent Universal force is out to hurt you? Do you really believe you need to figure it all out yourself? A lot of you do and that’s okay but you’re making it all so heavy and hard. Step aside and let this Universal God of ours work it’s magic.

It’s brilliant and beautiful. It’s packed full of blessings and lessons. It’s jampacked with wisdom for your gorgeous soul and every single bit of it is getting you closer to where you desire to be. You asked for something and the Universe gathers up all it’s resources to make that happen just FOR you. So thank the Universe/God/Source FOR GIVING YOU everything you’re experiencing right now. Even if it hurts, feels sad, confusing, painful or frustrating. It’s all FOR you. It’s benefiting you. It’s getting you there. It’s all good dolls! Shift that perspective to gratitude and watch the blessings unload. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful for it all. Everything that is happening is all happening for me!