You always know what to do and you always know how to do it. There’s no mystery to solve in your life dolls, it’s just your ego making everything super complicated for you. Making you question and doubt yourself and your knowledge. Making you fear your own intuition. But you have the answers…you just need to get out of your own way.

I really never liked being told that either. “Get out of your own way” means we have to take responsibility for blocking ourselves with our own limiting beliefs. For allowing our fears to keep us from our dreams. But it’s the truth – we are our own worst enemies sometimes and rather than play powerless…go big, walk around that fear and start trusting yourself. Start moving in the direction you’re heart is guiding you towards. That’s where you’re meant to go. That’s where you NEED to go. Don’t let yourself hold you back any longer.

Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “No risk, no reward!” That’s what that means. But the truth is you aren’t risking anything other than taking a giant leap towards trusting your intuition. It always works out. It really always does! I’m sure if you pause for a moment and review some giant risks you’ve taken in your life; quitting that job and starting your own business, going after that girl/guy, speaking your truth for the very first time in your life to the ones you love – it always paid off! That measely thought in your mind that is making you think it won’t work out, you’ll fail or get rejected….it’s a lie. Send it some love and let it know you’re going BIG anyway! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I trust that I am fully supported in everything I do. When I take the leap, the Universe works to bring my reward!