Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be scared to do what you love to do. A lot of us have set our default settings to self-criticism. I used to do it so often I didn’t know I was even doing it. Criticizing a picture or a thought you had…let alone an action or interaction….insults flew all over the place directly at myself. You can relate I’m sure and if you think you can’t…ask yourself when the last time was you called yourself stupid? Many do this daily and overlook it as if it’s nothing.

You’re speaking poison to your soul. Sure that sounds dramatic but it’s not. You infuse yourself with love by the way you speak and think. When I look in the mirror and I’m in a bad mood my old default setting of criticism pops up immediately but because I’m aware of it’s presence these days I can calmly shift without judgment right back to love. But so many aren’t aware and thus can’t make the shift. They judge their path in life…the timing of their life, their job, friends, activities – you name it they pack it full of judgment and it never feels good, trust me I know.

So why do we keep our default settings there so long when it doesn’t feel good? Why do we get embarrassed of ourselves and what we do and where we go? It’s because we think for others. We THINK we know what others think but what we fail to realize is what others bring forth into our existence is reflecting to us something within. Criticize yourself and you’ll often encounter those critical of you. Your judgment is reflected outward and so it’s up to you to provide the love YOU need within yourself to heal those wounds inward AND outward. Start small…look at yourself in the mirror and instead of finding something to judge and criticise…instead smile and find something to compliment. As you build this muscle of self-awareness you infuse your mind, body and soul with love and thus that will reflect all around you. When you feel the love within you won’t stand for anything BUT love around you. Remember that! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I set my default to love. The more love I feel for me the more love I receive around me.