God works in mysterious ways. That sentence really pisses you off, doesn’t it? I’d like to say that it’s never pissed me off but it has. It’s ok…God gets it. I’m a blunt person. I like sh*t laid out for me in a very logical way. It’s taken me years to understand that the Universe does behind-the-scenes work quite often…but I’ve finally accepted it. Truthfully…it seems really backwards…but it’s really f&cking brilliant.

So God’s whole mysterious thing he’s got going….it suits him well. He works in trippy ways. For instance what could appear like a setback is often a set-up to advance you along your path. I’ve encountered a lot of those in my life. Things you might have planned out for yourself often don’t go as planned but that’s actually really good for you because the way they go ends up benefiting you even more. Now here’s the big one….stuff you want, you don’t always get. That’s a tough one. I struggled with this one in particular for many years. We’re told we can have anything we want, right? When I ask for what I want I get freaking specific. I’m so specific that it doesn’t show up…sometimes for years.

Well dolls…it’s taken me 10 years to gain this wisdom so here it is…and I suggest you remember it: When you really want something…LET IT GO. Yeah…I know, I want to scream just typing that sentence. LET IT THE F&CK GO! It’s the things you think about lightly that show up quickly. The things we REALLY want that we get uber specific about and tend to dwell and harp on…get delayed. Why? Because tense energy pushes sh*t away, that’s why. Nervous, fearful, anxiety-stricken energy does NOT magnetize. Now…it didn’t take me 10 years to learn that…I learned that in year 1…it took 10 years to CLICK. It took 10 years for me to actually DO what I’m telling you to do right now. So you want something…trust me here – YOU WILL GET IT…but you need to let it go. Leave it alone. Let it be. Don’t even think about it. The quicker you do that, the quicker it arrives. That’s guaranteed. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

The things I think about lightly show up quickly. I let the hard stuff go so miracles can easily flow right back to me. (1)