Life isn’t meant to be complicated. WE complicate it. We analyze and over-analyze every single thing that happens and then we exhaust ourselves from all the analyzing to the point where we don’t care to even think about it anymore. Isn’t that funny how it works.

The things that once consumed our minds suddenly dissipate and we move on to other things and then guess what happens? Those things that once consumed our minds…they resolve themselves. I’m sorry but let’s throw in a big HAHAHA there! That’s funny. But we can only laugh at ourselves because we’re the one creating the energy and dispersing the energy and getting frustrated on why the energy isn’t moving how we want it to move for us. Well that’s because you’re jamming that sh*t around rather than just letting it flow. Hence why when you move on to something else, suddenly everything works out for you.

But don’t jump to conclusions yet because this is where it gets sticky. Sticky…not tricky because there are no tricks to this. The thing that was once consuming you that you let go of…when you redirected and it returned, now you don’t even want it. Should we laugh again? It’s because usually what we think we want in those moments are fear-based. And when we finally surrender and/or work through and release those fears…now we’re just left with the thing. Perhaps without the anxiety around it…that thing isn’t so appealing to our spirit that is now more healed. Perhaps we’ve learned and grown and are ready for more for ourselves. But I told you this part is sticky for a reason and that’s because even though you release and surrender and move on…you get the final decision in the end. You get to decide what you want. There is no right or wrong to this. So just know that it’s ok to get to that point of letting it all go no matter how long you wanted it for. And it’s even more ok to forget all about it and move on. Just know that when it comes down to deciding on what you want…as long as YOU honor YOURSELF, you will ALWAYS make the right decision. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I honor myself I always make the right decision.