It’s already figured out. The answer has arrived. Yup, it’s already here. Right in front of your face. That’s really annoying isn’t it that you can’t seem to see or hear it yet?!

Remember Magic eye?

Those autostereograms that revealed 3D images while staring at a 2D pattern.
I seriously loved those things.
But there were some people who could NOT stand them because they could never find the image.

It's already taken care of FOR you!

But the image was always there.

Whether you saw it or not.
And for some people, like myself…it was pretty obvious without trying too hard.
Others would stare for hours with no luck.

They’d get mad, frustrated and pissed off that you could see it but they couldn’t.
And you would be like, “I don’t understand…you can’t see the sailboat, it’s RIGHT THERE!”

You have your answer. You know what to do.
The problem is your own self-doubt.

You know what to do.

What happened when you tried too hard to find the Magic Eye image?
You’d go cross-eyed and get a headache.
Then you’d just quit trying for a while because you were so annoyed “at the book” – but truly at yourself for not seeing what supposedly was staring you right in the face.

It goes the same in life dolls.
Your relationships.
Health or financial problems.
Family and friends.
Even in business.

I have guided so many clients to date in many of these areas with one simple sentence.
“You know what to do!”
They do. They know what to do. The reason people come to me is because it’s easier to trust outside of yourself then within yourself. So they put their trust in my intuitive guidance for their life and voila…everything falls together in the most perfect way!

But eventually you need to trust within and that’s where I want you to realize that there’s nothing for you to figure out.
Nothing at all.

You already have the answer.

You already have the answer.
You already know what to do.
Stop questioning, doubting and fearing.

The answer is the right one…so go do it!
And since you’re most likely doubting THAT^ to be true…as your trusty life coach I am telling you…DO IT!

It’ll all work out amazingly.
You’ll see, it’ll BLOW your mind!

Kind of like what happens when you FINALLY decide the sailboat is there and POOF it appears!

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