Release that need to worry. It’s a humanly instinct we all have and often cling to but it does us no good whatsoever. It does more harm than good actually. It makes us nervous, gives us anxiety and makes us question life, ourselves and anything and everything flowing our way. Release it…it’s not serving you. If you are not at peace than whatever is causing you to not be at peace is not serving you. Let it go.

Don’t you know that what’s happening is happening to help you. You see the Universe knows what you want – at some point in time you did indeed let it know. But if you’re going to worry about how it’s going to arrive, when it’s going to arrive and if it’s going to arrive the way you want it to – you are only delaying it from arriving doll. What is happening is happening FOR you. It’s preparing you for what you want. It’s preparing what you want for you. Look…even when you buy premade cake mix in a box, you still need to add ingredients. You don’t just pop it right in the oven and 20 minutes later it’s ready. Nope…you have to add the eggs and all that other sh*t, mix it up, pour it out, preheat that sucker and then pop it in and wait.

Have you ever eaten cake that wasn’t fully cooked? I have and it’s not appetizing. Do you want your desire to show up before it’s fully ready? It’s not going to be exactly what you want then. Do you want it to arrive before YOU’RE ready for it? You may think you’re ready but that’s like when you’re around the 18 minute mark of baking that stupid cake and you start opening and closing the oven door while peeking inside. That sh*t ain’t ready yet! Chill! Just wait a few more minutes and even when you take it out, it’s gotta cool down before you ice that b*tch up. So stop worrying because what you want…is on it’s way and it’ll arrive at the most perfect time for you to truly enjoy it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My desire is on it's way. I release my worries and allow it all to flow.