Feeling good is your only function. Sound too simplistic for you? It’s not a bad thing to keep it simple considering how long us humans have spent over complicating matters and getting in our own way. Just go make yourself feel good. Find joy and chase that sh*t down!

Stop worrying about what’s happening around you. Stop worrying about how to fix this or change that. Stop going in circles trying to understand the workings of every single thing that has gone on in your life and just follow your bliss. What is it that brings you joy? Go do that. Go do that every single day. Do it as much as possible. Before you know it…the more joy you bring yourself – the more joy just shows up all around you. That’s it! That’s how this stuff works. How YOU feel is what YOU experience. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to experience nonstop happiness all the time and in order to do that I just go find what makes me happy all the time and the happier I feel, the more happiness shows up in my existence. POOF…just like magic! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I find my joy and keep it around all the time. Feeling good is my only function.