Flow with your days rather than plan them out. Of course we’re always going to have responsibilities and obligations and jobs and places to go and people to see but don’t hold it all in such a tight little box. Be open to what comes. Be open to what goes. Be open to the flow dolls because the divine flow is what has been steering you all along – you just couldn’t see because you had a blindfold on.

You thought the weight of the world rested on your shoulders. You thought every decision was make or break. You believed that you had to rely on your own strength but the truth is you never had to…you chose to. Choose to give it up and just ride the wave of what comes your way. It’s all good. It’s all helping you if you pay attention. If you open your ears and your eyes you will receive ALL the holy wisdom and divine guidance you could ever ask for. It’s literally giving you minute by minute guidance on where to go, what to do, what to say and how to do it all.

Stop thinking you need to do it all yourself. You don’t! You never had to and I’m sure it hasn’t worked out that smoothly for you in the past solely relying on yourself. I’m sure you’ve hit some mega lows wrestling with the idea of what to do and how to fix it or get out of it and make it work. STOP! You don’t have to do anything but trust, believe and be open to receiving whatever flows your way. Stop putting restrictions and guidelines on what comes and leave the box open to interpretation. So much is coming your way…so much of what you asked for, prayed for, desired – but you must BE OPEN to how it all arrives. Just flow today…I promise peace will fill you up and amazing things will happen if you take it all in with gratitude and joy! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I remove my limitations and am open to whatever flows my way.