Anything that doesn’t make you feel good doesn’t matter. That’s my new mantra. If thoughts pop up that make you worry, they don’t matter. If feelings stir up that make you feel sh*tty, let them go. Anything that makes you feel bad…surrender. Just let it go, let it pass, pay no attention to it at all because TRUTH always makes you feel good.

Truth comes from spirit as we all know. Those sh*tty feelings are usually stemming from fears and illusions and those obviously come from our ego. You know by now I like to keep it practical and straight to the point around here. I try to simplify it and make it easy and so when negative thoughts rise up in your mind (because they always will), don’t give them any attention or energy. Don’t feed into them as I like to say. Just pay no mind to them at all. Let them come and go until the comings aren’t even on your radar anymore because you are so tuned in to truth and peace you have no time for fear.

It’s about training your minds to see what is real and not what is a fearful illusion. When you let it pass and sit in a peaceful state…the miraculous shift occurs moving you further away from fear and into love. Abraham-Hicks often says if it doesn’t make you feel good then don’t think about it. Don’t pump it full of your energy. If you don’t WANT it to happen, don’t think about it. Only think about the stuff you do want. When you infuse your energy into the thoughts you enjoy and the things you love, life becomes a nonstop blissfest. Happiness continues showing up, peace stays with you no matter what and those fears and worries just vanish into thin air. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

The only things that matter are those that make me feel good. I