Knowing your worth and letting your actions align with what you know your worth to be is very important. Often we think we’re doing that but when we’re experiencing the opposite of what we feel we are worth before us…that’s a huge indicator that we aren’t fully aligned.

I explain it to my clients like this: The CLICK needs to happen. The head/heart click. You need to know in your head and KNOW in your heart…KNOW in your gut…KNOW in your soul. Not just know…but follow through with the knowingness which a lot of us don’t always do – myself included. Sometimes it takes someone else pointing out what we can’t see to make that click happen – that happened for me recently. Sometimes all we need to hear are a few words from someone else to make our soul shout, “WOW!” A client of mine actually did this for me in the middle of her own session nonetheless. 

Once that click happens dolls…you are unstoppable. Now you KNOW and the vibrations can shift. Now you KNOW and your actions can align with truth. Now you KNOW and a sense of freedom spills over your entire being because you recognize who you really are. Remembering who you really are taps you right back into that limitless source of power to do, achieve and believe you can have ANYTHING you desire because you are worthy of it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am unstoppable when I align with my power source.