For a long time I used to do things, not like what I did and then wonder why I did them. But when you can become aware of what you do – your patterns we call them, then you can shift, rearrange, heal and change them into what you want them to be. These patterns operate through your ego. They are reflected back to you in situations or people that push your buttons, upset you, cause you anxiety or fear. These patterns were created by our perception of something that happened in our life where we withheld love from ourselves. Maybe someone told you growing up your opinions were stupid – so you took what you heard and with your limited consciousness at the time you understood it as you were stupid, what you like is stupid and basically you’re just not good enough. We create stories like these and add to them over the years – until we reach a place where we look it dead in the eye (re: hot potato affirmation)and say “WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?”

That’s when we open up a can of worms to awaken and remove the blinders. We can finally start to see how we formed it and why it’s worked itself into our everyday interactions, thought processes, relationships, etc. That’s our chance to break this pattern/cycle and create a new, healthier one that serves us better. In order to do that we must trust ourselves to know what we feel, how we feel about it and how we want to feel about it. This awareness of yourself, thoughts, feelings and inner self is what will help catapult you towards healing.

Here’s the thing with inner healing though – you need to be gentle with you. It takes time and trust in the Divine that it’s all happening according to a bigger plan. You are doing it because you are ready to do it, feel it, look at it and overcome it. The timing is always perfect. Trust the process and release your need to want to manipulate and control it. God is always on time and there’s something really great in store for you if you just have faith in the flow of life. Just lean back, kick your feet up and know that in order to float you must always keep your chin up! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

The Universe delivers great blessings when I just flow with the current. I have faith in the flow.