The Universe/God has everything divinely timed, planned, mapped out, organized right down to the smallest detail and second just for you. As humans all we need to do is trust. Is that really so hard? Yes…it can be. You’re trusting in something you can’t see – and yet if you really pay attention, the signs are everywhere. 

Here’s the thing – as kids we believed in a lot of unseen things. Why suddenly you grow up and think you know better than to believe in something without physical evidence right in front of you? You once believed in Santa Claus…or perhaps an Easter Bunny. Maybe you had an invisible friend or I know you definitely believed you would receive presents on your birthday just because at some point someone told you so. You didn’t have proof you’d actually get the presents – but you sure did believe you’d get them and you believed you’d get exactly what it was you wanted too.

So what’s so different about believing in the gifts the Universe sends you? What’s so hard about believing you will receive exactly what you desire just by asking for it? Is it because you can’t physically can’t SEE who you’re asking it from? Look around dolls….the evidence is all around you. Look up, down, side to side – look at the clouds, the sun, the trees, the ocean – look at the breath you take every second of everyday. Is that enough evidence for you that this big powerful thing exists and it can do magical things? I think it is…but just in case you disagree…why don’t you test it! Yeah…why not right? Ask for a sign…a BIG, BOLD, IN YOUR FACE sign that God/The Universe can hear you and then just step back and watch how quick that sh*t shows up! Just watch. Go ahead….give it a try and then tell me your desires can never come true again. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

All my desires always show up on time.