What would my best self do? Have you ever asked yourself this question? This is coming up a lot lately in client sessions and in my own life. For years I didn’t know what my “best self” represented and the more I began uncovering my own inner layers, the more I saw who I really was and what’s always been within me wanting to burst out. 

Yesterday I was presented an opportunity to really apply this question and align my actions with my answer. This question is powerful because it presents you with the truth of who you are. In no way can you answer it wrong when you ask it to yourself. Your best self is WHO you want to be! 

So as I was entering this situation yesterday I knew fully well that I had never been able to accomplish aligning my actions with my answer here before. But this time something happened – because I set the intention to BE everything I always wanted to be and show up as my most authentic and fearless self, I succeeded. I not only succeeded, I shocked myself. I did everything I thought I could never do. Everything I really engrained in myself I was incapable of. I not only did it but I enjoyed myself doing it. I had fun doing it. I not only spread my wings…I allowed myself to fly and soar the skies embracing all that I really am. It truly was life-changing and I wish so much for you to realize that all it takes is an intention and a tiny bit of faith in yourself to remove those limiting beliefs and soar the skies too! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I bring my best self to every situation I encounter. I believe in me to be who I want to be.