What is freedom? Isn’t it a release from all concepts of the self? A letting go of plans, control, ideas and judgment? Freedom is a deliverance from everything. It’s not a partial release because freedom stems from the whole. You can’t let go of half and be free. You must let go of it all.

Scary? Nah…it’s for lack of a better word, freeing! When you’re free, you can flow. You have no preconceived notions or ideas inhibiting your vibe. You have no fears or judgments weighing you down. It’s a total surrender of everything and an acceptance that ‘what is’ is ALL there is. That the present is all that exists. That those ideas you’ve been clinging to from BEFORE are long gone. That the plans you have for the future are determined by your present. That your power lies in each breath you take right now. 

Your past is no longer present. Your future is on it’s way. You don’t need to hold onto what was. You don’t need to remember what happened. You don’t need to plot out what might take place. Let it be and free yourself from everything. Let God heal you from the inside out. Let the Universe work it’s magic through you so everything you want can come to you a whole lot easier than before. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am free. As I let the past go, I find my flow and watch miracles unfold.