Whatever you did today…you were supposed to do. Wherever you were today…you were supposed to be there. Whoever you were with today…you were supposed to see. We often forget everything is taken care of for us. We let it slip our minds that nothing is by accident. Not the mood you’re in or the things you said. Not the people you spoke to or the things you did. Not a single bit of it was by accident and if that doesn’t reassure you enough this will – it’s all good, ALL OF IT!

There is some heavy energy still lingering from this full moon. Being that it was so powerful, I am not too surprised but if you’re in the thick of it and feeling it I want to remind you that even if it feels bad, it’s all good. Something good is coming from this. Something beautiful will manifest out of this and you need to find a way to just be okay with where you are right now in this very moment so what is coming can arrive without resistance. And that’s the problem because when we dwell or worry or doubt or question – we send out resistance.

So we are going to shift right now into TRUSTING that everything is exactly as it should be. It’s all perfectly lined up for you and right on time. You’re going to trust right now that whatever you are feeling in this very moment is exactly what you need to feel, were meant to feel. You are going to trust today that wherever you went and whoever you saw was exactly who God wanted you to see and speak with. You are going to believe without a doubt that it’s all benefiting your highest good. Then you’re going to climb in bed and say THANK YOU. Thank you for putting me here right now because even though I feel extremely uncomfortable and don’t know what’s unfolding in my life, I know that it’s something good. I know that spiritually the feeling of discomfort means I’ve been shaken and stirred to the point of transformation. That I’ve stepped into a new level and I’m taking flight towards my dreams. That something amazingly awesome is about to arrive and I’m going to have to leave behind a whole lot of stuff that no longer serves me so this discomfort is simply it leaving me for good. Thank you Universe for this miraculous day and reminding me that when I get caught up in the details I feel lost and confused – but when I trust and flow, you always guide me where I need to go. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am exactly where I need to be right now. Everything that I want is on it's way to me.