You’re not going to be stuck where you are forever. You aren’t even going to be “stuck” here long. Better yet…let me put it this way – you’re not even STUCK. You are flowing, you just don’t realize it because at times your flow feels like an ebb.

Did that just blow your mind? Yes, technically we “ebb and flow” but really we’re just labeling it an ebb because ebbs don’t always feel good. Sometimes they feel hard or sad or frustrating. So we label them an ebb when really God’s just working behind the scenes and lining sh*t up on our behalf. We never stopped flowing though. Nope. When you’re in the ocean and the waves are flowing, if you try to stay in the same place it never works. You can tread water in place and even if the water is still and no waves are in sight…you are still moving. Sometimes you shift to one side, sometimes you go in circles, sometimes you start kicking your feet to move forward because before you knew it the water drifted you pretty far in another direction. Regardless of the actual direction…the point is you never stop moving…NO MATTER WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

So let me break it down real quick: You are going somewhere even if it feels like you’re going nowhere. When it feels like nothing is happening…everything is. That’s actually when the most sh*t is happening in the spiritual realm. You are being prepared, primed, strengthened, cleansed, healed. You may feel like you’re ebbing but you’re flowing. Now…if you can understand that those days that make you feel like you’re at a standstill are the days the MOST is happening FOR you…then you can observe the anger, frustration and even sadness through peaceful, loving eyes rather than ones that are yelling, “Why can’t I catch a break!?” You HAVE…that’s why you earned that beautiful day to just BE and let God do his thing behind the scenes. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I feel like nothing's happening, everything is. I am always flowing.