Miracles happen daily. They can happen hourly or in any second of your day, but you need to just stop negating the whole idea of them. You need to remember that a miracle is NOT like winning the lottery…you don’t have to be the lucky one chosen…rather miracles are our birthright and they happen when we call them in and expect them. It’s merely a shift in perception from fear to love. But let me tell you a little secret: When you stop forcing sh*t to unfold, you open up the pathway for miracles to flow to you.

You’ve heard me say, “The minute you accept what is…is the minute it changes!” That’s exactly what I meant by stop forcing sh*t. The moment you accept what is right in front of you…whatever it is, whatever form it appears in – and then keep going about your day in full peace….a miracle can unfold. Because you’ve accepted what you were given without judgment, thus removing the fear and allowing love to flow in. BOOM, miracle!

So try this….welcome it all in. Allow everything into your life and withhold judgment. Be at peace knowing it’s arriving with a purpose…for a reason and it’s serving you somehow, someway. Then don’t get stuck on it, just keep moving. Keep doing what you were doing and allow it to be whatever it wants. Before you know it, what it appeared as will shift into something so miraculous and beautiful that it’ll blow your mind! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

As I accept it and release it the Universe shifts it. I expect miracles!