Think back to a moment in your life where you handled a situation a way you weren’t so proud of. Regardless of the outcome of the actual situation and how long ago it was – think of yourself in that moment in the midst of it all. When we’re acting “out of character” we feel tense and anxious. Think of a time you were nervous to do something. I used to be very shy and not like meeting new people so I’d try my best to avoid it which only held me back in a lot of areas of my life.

I’d basically go mute when entering a setting where I knew nobody. This year along I’ve conquered this fear of mine head on and challenged myself to be the person I always wanted to be. I attended events and went new places without anyone by my side as a crutch and proved to myself that I can be the woman I always dreamed to be. The gorgeous soul who is confident and can enter into any setting being herself no matter what is going on. The woman who commands attention with her energy and presence – not the one hiding in a corner or slinking down in her seat scared to show her true self for fear that people wouldn’t like her. The limited version I had for me never served me and always made me uncomfortable. When you’re being your true self, it’s comfortable and you operate with ease and grace.

Is there something you still avoid doing out of fear? Perhaps you still don’t like how you react to one particular person or you wish you could be more outgoing while in the company of strangers. What you dream of doing is who you actually are. Those nudges within your soul where fear is holding you back are who you really are. That’s your inner truth. You are a powerful being and so when you feel that fear LEAN into it because it’s actually poking at you to show you where there’s a breakthrough into that empowered place of your authentic self. When you don’t over think or try too hard; when you allow yourself to just be whatever you want to be in each moment you are operating from truth and TRUTH is a powerful thing. Truth grabs your blessings and pulls them towards you because you’re now divinely aligned with what is meant to be. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

It's easy to create amazing things when I just be me.