Do you ever wonder why you worry so much about something when what’s meant to happen is going to happen no matter what. No matter HOW MUCH you worry…it’s still going to unfold exactly how it’s meant to. Why’s it so hard to just sit and find the good and say thank-you for it? Why do we struggle accepting what is? It’s literally ALL always in your favor…so why do we get so mad, sad, frustrated, pissed off?

Because we want what we want when we want it. We want it how and when we want it. We want it to look a certain way and show up a certain way. We’re pretty adamant that if it doesn’t happen OUR way then it won’t happen…or worse…that if it doesn’t happen our way it won’t be good enough. What little trust we have in this universe of ours. How doubtful we are about these life journeys we are on. Why for any amount of time would we even think that something happening doesn’t have some GOOD in it somewhere for us?

I sat down this morning and journaled out a lot of good that’s been coming out of experiences that maybe didn’t look so good in my life. I wrote out things like, “It showed me how to value myself more,” or “I got stronger because of this,” or “Now I’m wiser and more patient.” It’s hard to get our minds to stick to that place where the good exists though…I know that firsthand. Let me tell you what makes it easier: Knowing that it only happened to help you. Knowing that it wasn’t as big of a deal as you made it because it was just a way to teach you something that’ll help you somewhere else in your life. I used to competitively dance for a good portion of my life and something we always did was practice every single day. We practiced the choreography until we could do it in our sleep. I can STILL do half the dances I learned in my teenage years because of all that time practicing. In the end we ALWAYS won. Our dance company always won at competitions. Why? Because of all the time we invested in practicing. No one is going to send you out into a dance competition cold turkey with no practice and expect you to hit every move in sync with the entire company. Nope…you HAVE to practice. What do you think God is doing by dishing out all these lessons FOR you dolls? Giving you PRACTICE to PERFECT yourself into the BEST version of you possible so when what is meant for you shows up you ARE ready. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I accept every lesson as an opportunity to practice being the best me possible.