Stop holding back! Be who you are…REALLY who you are. Let your inner light shine so freaking bright that only those that can handle the shine stick around. Stop monitoring or taming yourself for fear of judgment. That judgment is coming from within you and only you. If it reflects around you it’s only because you created it first. Don’t judge yourself…you are amazing and beautiful and YOU. No one else can be you.

It’s funny as you grow and get older you start to look back and reflect and wonder, “Why was I so unsure?” or “Why was I so insecure?” Why WERE you, honestly? There was never a reason to be…you were merely battling yourself and only you. What you thought was coming from the outside was actually created on the inside. Your fear of being you is coming directly from you. 

Step aside and release that judgment right now. Let it go today. It’s time. You need to free yourself from that pain. Because judgment is PAIN and it creates more pain. We hold ourselves back far too much and I want you feel the immense freedom that comes with removing the heavy burdens you’ve placed on your heart. Unleash your inner being…whoever that is. Let it shine! Let it be WHO and WHAT it wants to be. Who cares what “they” think…it’s your opinion that matters and that’s it. Know why? Because if you choose to love you dolls…that’ll reflect around you every damn time. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

The more I accept me, the more my light radiates who I desire to be.