You’re not always going to know how something is going to unfold. More times than not you won’t know the outcome of anything ever and that’s GOOD. Do you want to know why that’s good? I’m sure you do….because the outcome is always going to be better than what you thought up. 

It’s like when you’re standing way too close to a painting, a mural or a piece of art and you can’t always figure out what’s happening or going on in it because you’re too close to it. But what happens when you back up and move further away from it? It starts to form a picture right? It becomes a masterpiece. You can see the intricate details and the bold outlines. You can see the strokes of paint and the texture. You can understand the dynamic or what the story is trying to tell you. It just makes sense now.

Up close it looked like a bunch of color and lines and shapes. That’s how we’re seeing our life. We’re seeing it up close and personal. God is standing back laughing at why we can’t figure out that the giant blob of yellow in the corner is actually a beautiful sun beaming across the picture. He tries to tell us it’s OK when we get upset at how all the people look when we’re standing inches from them and attempts to remind us that what looks dark and gloomy is NOT what we think it is. We fail to believe him most of the time though because we think we know what we see and have figured out how it’ll all unfold for us. But there’s a reason art museums have those security sensors if you get too close to the picture and some still have the security ropes that block you from getting nearby. They don’t want you near the art. Step away from the f&cking art. BACK UP. Look from a distance and ENJOY the masterpiece that unfolds for you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Everything I receive is better than I expected!ALF WEBSITE