Simple unaffected existence is what brings about total peace to your entire world. It’s when you flow with every single thing in your life – good, bad or indifferent. It’s riding the tide of the obstacles and challenges that may present themselves. It’s keeping calm amidst it all.

Can you feel the flow in your life? Can you feel everything working in your favor? If you answer that with a “NO” then you have the opportunity right now to perceive this whole thing called life differently. Because that is all this is – a perception of what is going on. I choose to perceive my life with a total understanding and trust that no matter what goes on – whether I planned for it or not, it needed to happen…exactly when it happened for a very specific reason that no matter what it looks like before my eyes…IS benefiting me.

But guess what dolls? How YOU choose to perceive your life, is exactly what you will experience with it. So if you CHOOSE to see everything as an attack on you – it will feel that way. If you choose to look at the people around you and feel less than them – you will 100% feel that way. It’s not always easy to change your perception until you understand why you have the perception you have. If you can simply understand that all it takes is a release of fear and a boost of love to switch it all around – you can start shifting your existence right this second. Give it a try! Choose 1 thing in your life that is “not going right” this very second and remove all negative feelings towards it. Now replace those feelings with GRATITUDE for the lesson you are learning, the healing you are receiving and the wisdom you are gaining FROM this very experience. Continue choosing to see that 1 thing with love every time it comes to your mind. That’s all it takes dolls – deciding to consistently choose love over fear will always create a radical shift in your life. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I welcome in everything flowing my way with gratitude and love. It is all benefiting me.