I know this is very difficult to do all the time but trust. Trust that what’s flowing your way is for your good. Trust that it’s benefiting you somehow, someway – even if you can’t rationalize it or piece it together with your human mind. Trust that it’s never there to harm or hurt you one bit. It might not always feel that way, but that is strictly your perception of it.

But if you change your perception of everything flowing your way to that of a blessing, you will be at peace. If you look at everything with an understanding that it needs to happen and it’s happening to help you, you will be able to walk through life freely and easily having unshakable faith in the Universe – which is exactly how we’re meant to live. We aren’t meant to worry – even when things don’t look like they’re going well. We aren’t meant to stress or panic. We just need to TRUST that the ending of it will be beautiful. Everything flowing our way is only there to help us get closer to our desires. Don’t complicate it dolls! Just trust it all – no matter what and when you start to waver remind yourself that IT was all constructed on your behalf by that infinite and powerful Source above and you will see the blessing in it all very soon. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I welcome in the blessing no matter how it looks.