Gratitude isn’t usually the first emotion that pops up when something we haven’t planned for takes place. As humans we have such a desire to control, understand and simply KNOW what is going on or what might happen that when something unexpected happens we instinctively get angry or upset. But what if instead of getting mad, we got grateful?

Rather than get bent out of shape about how we didn’t see it coming or how we can try to fix it to make it go our way – why not just say thank you? Crazy idea, isn’t it? Our human conditioning is so backwards though that we fight the Universe every step of the way in making our desires come true. We battle it out and put ourselves in turmoil over the way things are unfolding rather than just realizing that the ending will be exactly what we want anyhow.

There is no “right” way or “wrong” way for your life to unfold. It’s unfolding perfectly FOR you. It’s happening on time even when you feel like nothing is happening at all – it’s ALL right on schedule. Let’s let go of this need to know everything. Let’s get rid of our desire to control every detail of how it happens. Our way is NOT the best way. We’re only looking at it from ground level – the Universe has the aerial view of it all and knows the best path to get there. That doesn’t mean it’s the quickest – but it does mean it’s the BEST one that will benefit you most. The one that will help you grow, heal and become the best version of yourself possible BEFORE your desire shows up! Trust it and say thank you. Be grateful for the unexpected sh*t that takes place. Be grateful for what feels like a delay. Be grateful for what appears to be a setback. None of it is negative. It’s ALL helping you. It’s ALL getting you one step closer to where you desire to be. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can change everything in a heartbeat. Try it out – I bet you won’t be disappointed…and I bet you see some incredible sh*t flow your way immediately upon expressing it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful for it no matter what it looks like. Everything works together for my good.