There is a lesson in everything. The experiences that we have and the words spoken to us often contain a lot of wisdom around our own inner healing. What is it I can learn from this? That is something you should often ask yourself – especially in situations that leave you in some sort of distress.

Everyone and everything we are experiencing and speaking with are mirroring us in some way, shape or form. When I tell my clients this their immediate reaction is one of confusion. But once they leave me after hearing that I always, within hours, receive an email from them saying how much that makes sense. With a simple shift of your internal environment, you will always see an immediate shift of your external environment. It’s the law of attraction!

What are you magnetizing your way? What is it teaching you? Pay attention. Often you will find uncertainty in others is showing that you are unsure of yourself. Perhaps you feel you need to always be in control but you encounter individuals who you feel are trying to control you. This is a lesson in letting go. Maybe you keep expecting apologies from others for their behavior but not receiving them and don’t understand why. That is a lesson in forgiving yourself. How can others apologize when you can’t even tell yourself that you’re sorry for judging you, doubting you or attacking you? Dolls – the Universe is always providing us with ways to heal, grow and advance closer to our desires. You can’t get closer to what you want without growing and healing some of the stuff holding you back. So look around and listen – the guidance is right there at your fingertips giving you the secrets to getting what you want…as soon as you willingly let go of the sh*t holding you back! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I pay attention to the wisdom the Universe provides me in the form of relationships and experiences.