A state of “Being” is not always easy to obtain being a human and living in the real world. To just ‘be’ means to just let everything flow in and out and around you without judgment. You welcome it all in and let it be what it wants to be. I can’t say I’m always in a permanent state of being (though that is what I strive for) but I do reach points in my life where I can obtain it and maintain it for quite a while.

It’s a pretty euphoric feeling when you reach it. It’s like you’re on a higher plane observing the world as it happens without fear, judgment or a need to control. You just flow. Like you’re floating around watching everything in real-time but nothing can touch you and what tries, can’t. This is the epitome of spiritual enlightenment dolls – being able to remove yourself from the “body” and remember there’s a bigger picture at hand.

While in church this morning my Pastor explained how when you can be a Big Picture Person and not a Little Picture Person then you know there is something much bigger than you always working on your behalf – that is what this state of “being” represents. Don’t read into those statements with your ego too much because the definition of a Little Picture Person is one who only sees what is happening on the surface in the real world…while a Big Picture Person (BPP) recognizes there’s an entire Universe benefiting from your actions, healing and wisdom. If you can navigate life as a BPP, you can get to that elevated plane where nothing can affect you. Nothing phases you. Nothing is fearful. Everything just is. That is the most beautiful place to be dolls because that means you’ve aligned completely with the limitless power of God/Universe and nothing can stop you now! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I step aside and let the Universe align everything in my favor.