Do you know the magic that happens when you turn inward? It’s pure bliss! Your external surroundings carry no weight when you release them and look at what never wavers within – joy, peace and love. If you keep basing your happiness on what is happening around you dolls, your happiness is always going to waver. The only thing that is true and consistent is the pure divine love built into your soul.

That love is infinite and limitless. That love is straight from the Universe and so there’s a neverending supply that flows to you and through you and extends outward to everyone around you if you stay connected to it. It operates like a telephone wire. When it’s healthy and intact, the energy flows through it to and from destination to destination with very little effort other than just being what it is. That’s how you “should” be operating, but unfortunately we as humans feel we need to force and control and effort our way through life. Energy doesn’t work that way. Nothing is forcing the flow of energy through those telephone wires, they’re just humming along doing what they do.

But if a wire loses it’s connection, it disrupts ALL the flow – doesn’t it. Living where I live we often experience power outages and the smallest external factors can shake up the connection and flow IF the wire isn’t strong and healthy. A little wind or rain can make us lose power for hours if the line is weak. But if the line is strong it can withstand anything! It’s the EXACT same way for you dolls. If you build up your inner strength and develop a relationship with your spirit/Higher Self/Higher Power/God, you can withstand ALL conditions no matter how bad they look. But…if your connection wavers and there’s a disconnect – you perceive yourself as weak and those external conditions will feel so heavy and destructive. Turn inwards and focus on the truth, the love, the happiness and the peace within you at all times. When that’s your main focus of attention – NOTHING can break you and what looks like it could, you are able to extend love outward because you are completely connected to the limitless flow from above. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am powerful and unstoppable when I connect inward.