Life is truly beautiful when you free yourself from the burden of your own limiting beliefs. These little lies we tell ourselves about ourselves are what hold us back and blind us from everything amazing staring us right in the face. Why do we cling so hard to lack and littleness when we could be clinging to how limitless, abundant and powerful we really are?

Let go of the tiny mad ideas that you’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, in shape enough, funny enough, outgoing enough, kind enough, successful enough. Let go of those lies. You are WHOLE. You are COMPLETE. That means that everything you believe you aren’t is just that…a misperception of yourself. You’re looking at yourself through foggy lenses. You aren’t seeing who you really are. You aren’t seeing your best self. You aren’t seeing the Divine creature God created you to be. 

It’s time to remind yourself that all this is, is a shift of your mind. You are remembering WHO you are not learning it for the first time. You already know – it’s been inside of you all along. You created these beliefs and they aren’t serving you anymore. It is time to let them go and let your best self step forward into the light. Be all that you always wanted to be dolls – because THAT is who you truly are. Not this small, insecure, unloveable version you made up – that wasn’t ever real. What’s real is you have everything you need and you already are everything you’ve ever desired to be. Take the glasses off so you can finally see the truth! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am whole. I am complete. I am the me I always wanted to be.