You are whole…do you know what that means? You lack nothing. Seeking fulfillment from something or someone is not going to fill you up on anything. It can’t fill you at all…in fact, the truth is you have to be full BEFORE you can receive that external confirmation.

Because that’s all that is – when you get the dream job, find “the one” and/or suddenly get a financial increase…that’s all because you simply realized you already had it all inside of you. The love you’re seeking needs to be given to you by you first. The abundance you desire has to be recognized within you before seeing it outside of you. The passions you are looking for out there need to be found within before they are seen around. You see…it ALL has to begin on the inside.

The trouble we have as humans is some of us don’t know that and others forget that. Don’t worry..I’m in the category of forgetting at times too. Here’s the trick: When you start desiring something…something you REALLY want – recognize it’s already yours. Then turn inward and ask yourself WHERE it exists in you already! Because it’s in there…it’s like a simple game of hide-n-seek. Find where you’ve hidden that thing you desire inside of you and POOF like freaking magic it shows up in real life too. Go ahead, give it a try…I promise it’ll be worth it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I have all I need within me. When I see it in me, it shows up all around me.