Patience is so hard isn’t it? Especially when we really want something…we usually want it now. Or worse…we decide we can wait a little but we internally set a deadline and if that comes and goes we lose our cool. I’ve been there, done that and I know many of you have too. Divine timing isn’t something everyone has an easy time grasping. Trusting something you can’t see to work something out on your behalf and deliver it at exactly the right time that’ll benefit you the most is probably one of the hardest things to do.

It takes faith. It takes trust. It takes patience. It takes all these invested in that super powerful Universe that you cannot physically see. Yeah…that’s tough! But here’s the thing: If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s because it’s not ready for you yet. You’re being prepared for it. It’s being prepared for you. This topic has been coming up a lot in my own life as well as a lot of my clients. My friend reminded me of a powerful lesson today while on this topic and she said to be grateful for the wait. Be grateful for the journey. Be grateful for it all. Even if you don’t feel super grateful or can’t figure it out and find clarity around it – just be grateful.

It was funny when she said it because something I often tell clients is, “Keep saying thank-you!” I’ve written it in many affirmations. Just say thank-you for it all. Whether it makes sense or not because there IS a reason for it. The timing, the “delays”, the guidance, the experience, the wisdom, the lessons, the healing, growth, release, sadness, anger, feelings, pain – all of it has a time and place and purpose. You never want something to arrive before it’s ready…or worse, before YOU’RE ready. You want it to show up when it’s at it’s best and you’re at your best so you both can serve each other from your highest place of love. Breathe dolls…if it hasn’t arrived…it’s totally on it’s way! Just breathe because it’s becoming the best version of itself it can be so it’ll fulfill all your desires! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I wait with ease knowing it's being worked out for me.