My prayer for you today is simple and true: All is well for you. It doesn’t matter what it looks like around you…all is well. God is working FOR you. Everything is working out in your favor. You may not understand…but that’s ok – takes the fun out of it if you always understood what was happening behind-the-scenes.

Don’t doubt. Don’t question. Don’t throw yourself into fits of rage. Be still and know you deserve EVERYTHING you desire. The Universe is in you and around you – that means you can have it all. I’ve said these words so many times and yes, often it’s hard to believe them. But here’s what I want you to hold onto if you can’t fathom it all working out in your favor: It’s already yours.

What you want is yours. It’s done. That means…it’s already been resolved. That means…the miracle has already been gifted to you. That means…you’re just playing catch up with what God has already put into motion on your behalf. You don’t need to hold onto anything no longer serving you. You don’t need to question whether you missed your chance. You don’t need to figure out what to do – just be you, stay true, honest, loving, kind and step aside as all that you want flows your way. It’s easy dolls…sh*t works out for you when you just remain true to the core. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I stay honest and true to my heart's desires. All is well in my soul.